Dec 2, 2008

The Holidays

Dec. 14th,

Cool I just found these cute tissue holders (click for pattern) that I think I will put in the totes! - Easy Peasy...

Ooow, how about a patchwork tote? (another free pattern) This one is great for Easter Egg hunting.

December 13th
Teacher/ Neighbor gifts... !!!

Finally getting to Christmas Presents. I broke down on picked up a tote pattern. I made it on my own and was close to the pattern but I forgot a couple things and now that I have the pattern - these totes can be put together pretty quick! They great for Teacher & Neighbor gifts. I'll be putting stickers and pencils - first grader stuff In Mrs. E's tote and probably some baked good in the neighbor ladies' bags.

The peppermint striped was my first and completed mostly without a pattern. The apple tote has a much better shape!

For now I'm research crocheting & knitting tutorials and patterns here are a couple great cites:

Abbreviation Guide for crochetting
Knitting How to Videos
Skull Cap Pattern
(Did I mention - FREE)
Projects on Joann's (Free, Free, Free)

My hubby's Christmas gift... ------------------------------->
'cept it will have his name - lol...Good thing he doesn't read my blog! Free pattern on Joann's

I think I'll make matching apron's for the boys - would a tween boy like one too? Hmmm...I think he might - since he'll just be wearing at home...

Apron & Chef's Hat

FREE pattern on Joann's - also has a chef's hat pattern - free & a variety of apron patterns...more feminine

I think Anthony might get either the clock w/ sports themes.. for Christmas, Another cheap, easy, but I think cute, project --------->

-OR- The Magnet Board (or both)-

Alexander, I'm certain would love one of these. Without the rick rack and bows.. :<) Magnet board

December 4th -

Check out the latest blogging craze - even more real time - Twitter.. Amievoltaire

I am sewing away as usual - Here's my latest! Available on Etsy

Everyone is making baby bibs these days....
Another free pattern - click link

Maybe I will too...

December 2nd

Are YOU ready for the always I'm a last minute shopper. This year I'm trying to be a home made gift giver - we'll see how that goes. I have a couple projects - 3 or 4 - that I need ready by the weekend and the thought is overwhelming...

I need to start on Christmas gifts in July....I'm currently following the Thrifty Under 50 Blog hoping for some great, cheap, simple yet classy gifts that I can whip up for the holidays - check out the blog if your in the mood for a change or need an extra break this year...
I'm finishing up the Christmas sets and had a gal ask to colloborate on sets - she sells to boutiques - haven't decided about going that route right now. Thats about all for tonight. :<) Happy Holidays... Here is Alexander's Thanksgiving shirt...


Haasiegirl said...

the magnet board is super cute!


Angela said...

I love the idea and can't wait to put one together for my son! Woring on the clock first though. Angela

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