Nov 9, 2008

Happy November,

I plan to start writing memoirs of my grandma. "An Extradinary Woman living an Ordinary Life." If you wish to provide stories of her or read the collected stories follow this link..

Want to learn how to sew, knit etc...check out you can make this - link to the right. They are making dolly twirl skirts to donate to Toys for Tots - check it out if you're interested.
I'm trying to build my Etsy business to break from ebay and joined cafe mom which has an etsy street team. This is a little journal note I sent to them...

What a cold weekend we had. Winter is coming slowly but surely. Most of the leaves have left our trees and the house heaters are glowing. I've been sewing up a storm for the kids and for the shop. Made Alexander a cute pair of pants with a plaid cuff. I also made a Valentine skirt - I needed a break from Thanksgiving & Christmas. Thanks for visiting!
Here are my Christmas picks of the week the skirts from my store and hat & tie from two street team members...

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