Sep 11, 2008

Sewing 101 Tip

Howdy all it's a remembering day - September 11th. I remember where I was - what a day that was.

Hey! I just found a cool tip for all you with ultra skinny kidos who can't keep their pants up - or if you just can never find your right size - Found this cool blog that explains how to add in an adjustable waist... :<) Enjoy! Joined the local Mom's club yesterday and I think we're heading to the firestation tomorrow for Mom's club - maybe I'll make Aidan a dalmation shirt - he LOVES dalmations. :<) Met a gal whose also a part of the "Sex in the Salt Lake City" Group - so hopefully we'll be heading to SLC for some Martini's and Suishi. Hopefully I can drag my little Asian (haha) friend down from Boise to party Utah style. lol

New at home - Kid #1 - (or #2 depending on how ya look at it), who I want to walk to school, is trying everything to get out of walking. Mon, Tue, & Wed his ankle hurt from a trampoline bounce Monday night - even though he was playing football with the family a few minutes later, and today he wanted to watch some more ESPN - we finally got cable... Kid #2 (or #3), who I DONT want to walk to school gives me every reason why I SHOULD let him go, ...of course when he's ready - he won't want to anymore....And so this must be motherhood....eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll....

The old man is checking a water rig at a ski resort - so I told him to get to know the owners REALLY well!!!!!! - He said they're drilling this winter too!!! So may they're might be some skiing in the forecast - only 30min to the hill- Who wants to visit??? lol From Dalmations to Martini's --what a life...That's all for today. Happy Thursday

Currently working on...
Moda Smores Snowman - looks like this is the popular print of the season...

Sep 10, 2008


Hey! Just noticed I'm featured in Minnie Mall as well as GooseGirl blogs. Check them out!
They're links are to the right----------> :)

Sep 9, 2008

My First Post

It's September 9th, Hello World.
Well, I thought I'd start my own blog - email me if you've discovered anything interesting, something you want to tell the world and I'll post it. This blog is designer focused but what the heck we can all use a good laugh or some great inspiration - so let us know! :<)

Not much to say today. GREAT fantasy football weekend - Flying Giants #1 - well almost tied with Missionaries - none other than hubby, Mr. Keller. But don't worry - he's goin' DOWN!!!

Crazy day today - lots of buyers searching 4 Christmas pic outfits...OY! Hello September. Still have to get my ebay Halloween costumes set up.

- at auction, started at .01 - still low!

Latest Creations

Well here are my latest creations...lot's of fun! Made from Moda's Chick or Treat line - my first creation using a Jelly Roll - Way Cool! kinda like putting a puzzle together.

What's a Jelly Roll you say...............look below :<)

Funny Auction
Found this today in one of my many on-line groups. Made me laugh...For all you vindictive women - or men, here is some food for thought...on what to do as your taking that last walk out the castle door... lol...

A fellow seller from my Coast to Coast Designer's group made this - how cute!!! Alexander would sooo love this...

Here's her listing..

Found this in the Boutique Custom Minnie Mall - Ebay designer's minnie mall - search BCMM

The auction

The Mall

Hope to improve this blog soon - add music and what not - enjoy and share your fun stuff and I'll add it. :<)

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