Sep 11, 2008

Sewing 101 Tip

Howdy all it's a remembering day - September 11th. I remember where I was - what a day that was.

Hey! I just found a cool tip for all you with ultra skinny kidos who can't keep their pants up - or if you just can never find your right size - Found this cool blog that explains how to add in an adjustable waist... :<) Enjoy! Joined the local Mom's club yesterday and I think we're heading to the firestation tomorrow for Mom's club - maybe I'll make Aidan a dalmation shirt - he LOVES dalmations. :<) Met a gal whose also a part of the "Sex in the Salt Lake City" Group - so hopefully we'll be heading to SLC for some Martini's and Suishi. Hopefully I can drag my little Asian (haha) friend down from Boise to party Utah style. lol

New at home - Kid #1 - (or #2 depending on how ya look at it), who I want to walk to school, is trying everything to get out of walking. Mon, Tue, & Wed his ankle hurt from a trampoline bounce Monday night - even though he was playing football with the family a few minutes later, and today he wanted to watch some more ESPN - we finally got cable... Kid #2 (or #3), who I DONT want to walk to school gives me every reason why I SHOULD let him go, ...of course when he's ready - he won't want to anymore....And so this must be motherhood....eyeroll, eyeroll, eyeroll....

The old man is checking a water rig at a ski resort - so I told him to get to know the owners REALLY well!!!!!! - He said they're drilling this winter too!!! So may they're might be some skiing in the forecast - only 30min to the hill- Who wants to visit??? lol From Dalmations to Martini's --what a life...That's all for today. Happy Thursday

Currently working on...
Moda Smores Snowman - looks like this is the popular print of the season...

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