Jun 29, 2009

Goodbye June

Welcome to the last week of June. I've put together a very fresh treasury for this week check it out http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=67672 and leave a comment :<)

I know summer just started but back to school is on my mind and I've found some wonderful child education blogs that I'd love to share...

Let's start with some basics - helping the learning process...

The Secret Ingredient for learning
according to http://childperspective.wordpress.com/

The three steps help move your child from introduction of a concept to mastery while ensuring their comfort, confidence, and success. She's basically referencing how we build are perceptual constructs. The three periods are:

Introduction/Naming – In this first period, you give the descriptor that you are teaching: “This is a cow.”

Association/Recognition – In this period, the child is asked to show the object within a larger group of objects: “Show me the cow.” This is the most important period and should last until your child is always successful. The next period is a bigger cognitive leap.

Recall – This is when you ask your child to name the object. Pointing to the cow you say, “what is this?“

She adds an important 4th ingredient without stating it

Patience: time, go at your child's speed - don't rush it.

To futher aid learning I've often heard chocolate does a brain wonders!

So after practicing a few words try this scrumptious Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake!


Have a great week!

Jun 21, 2009

Week of June 21st

Welcome Summer!

As an Adieu to Spring I've created a purple an green treasury featuring my Etsy Twitter Team Friends. Feel free to browse these gorgeous treasures at EtsyTwitter Treasury

Business Tips

My Etsyfriends Team has compiled a list of advertising tips you may be interested in. You can thank them by searching etsyfriends team and previewing some of their fabulous items. An update of this information can be viewed at http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6180028

Advertising Ideas

1. Add your card or flyer at grocery stores, and your public library. Most places have a bulletin where you can add stuff to it.

2. Put your card in with your bills when you pay them and mail them out.

3. Restraunts will have a fish bowl or bowl for a monthly drawing add your cards to that as well.

4. Add your store site to every email personal and business as well at the end.

5. If you go to home shows or things like that they will have drawings take cards and put them in.

6. Check with your local paper, sometimes they will do an article about new business in the paper for FREE.

7. Craigslist - A great way to show your local community what you have to offer. Just make sure if you link to anything that the link is not clickable!

8. Join social networks so you can interact with other crafters/hobbyist/small business owners.

9. Wear what you make! Be your own billboard =)

10. Have a friend host a party for you. Similar to the traditional work at home opportunities like Avon and Tupperware... Have a friend host a party inviting all her friends. Showcase your products, offer sale or incentives.... and most importantly don't forget the host!!

11. Include Samples in the Little Black Box, Spotted Box, or other reputable sampler programs.

12. Join your local chamber, some places do a monthly promoting at a business, a marketing breakfast, card swaping, and promoting eachother. Great way to get out in the community.

13. Card swap with other Etsy members of people from your own team. Everymonth swap cards with members, add them in your packages that you mail out. Or I also add cards that I get that I already have and that I swap with at our local market as well.

14. Send out a monthly email to your customers, with coupons an incentive to get them to come back to your website.

15. Every month you can send out a X amount of flyers with a coupon to people in the phone book. Or get ahold of a copy shop place like Kinkos or something like that and ask about thier mailer. They can do a target section for you and narrow it down to possible shoppers that is a market for your product.

16. Check out donating products to charities and conferences. I donated my dog treats to our local animal shelter for their yearly charity BBQ they hold. I have also donated a jewelry set to my kids local school for a silent acution as well as a few others that I have done in the past.

Have a great week

Jun 16, 2009

Rose Bush Designs

Rose Bush Designs is Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the week. She carries cards, post it's, coasters and gift bags of unique sentimental artwork. Check her out! I love this perfect for Father's Day card!

Sounds like it's been raining across the country. I know we've been drenched here in the west had to turn off the sprinklers and watch the river's fill. Hmm almost time for floating the river.

Happy Birthday to me tomorrow :<)

Have a great week everyone.

Jun 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Douglass!
How about that Giant Cake :<)

My latest custom for a sweet birthday girl. Thought it turned out cute :<)

It's been a week of rain and low temperatures, everthing is green which is great for the West! I still see snow on the mountains too. Wow! Hope the weather is great in your neck of the woods. I'm trying to sew up the rest of my red, white and blue fabric and get as much out of the house as possible. Starting to think Back to School. Just received my Paddington Number fabric, perfect for a birthday set or Back to school!

I am a member of the etsy twitter team a team for etsy sellers who LOVE twitter! Check us out at etsytwitter.blogspot.com
Our etsytwitter team is featuring NDN-Chick as our Etsy shop of the week. Check out her loverly beads!

Now what you've been waiting for...more
Awesome new recipes:
Rosepetal Jelly??? How cool -and what a lovely color!
Have a great week

Jun 1, 2009

It's June!

I dedicate this blog to My Grandma & Grandpa who will be missed. Thank you for 36 years of love.

June already!

I have a love-hate relationship with June. Spring is ending but Summer's almost here. It's my birth month but that reminds me I'm growing older. The year is half over but my year is just beginning. Ah June, the month of change, twins, and versatility!

Given that it is my birthday month, I'm picking out my own card from a new Etsy card shop I've discovered Zo-Be Designs check out her shop!

My favorite! Daisy & purple/green - nothing better than that!

Remember Me

and since it's June and my large beautiful roses just opened up...

Rose are red and burst open in June

June is also a great time for rethinking your goals and strategies for the year.

Feeling overwhelmed with work? Here here!

Maybe this article will help you refocus.

Now I've been scanning the blogs and have a list of goodies for you to try out: Enjoy!

The Kimono Pattern

Mezzaluna cookies

Homemade on the stove french fries! :<) http://creampuffsinvenice.ca/2009/05/08/fry-baby-fry/

Tissue pom pomshttp://www.casasugar.com/3116890
talk about cute - they'd be great to decorate a float or a wedding.

Have a great month!

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