Jun 29, 2009

Goodbye June

Welcome to the last week of June. I've put together a very fresh treasury for this week check it out http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=67672 and leave a comment :<)

I know summer just started but back to school is on my mind and I've found some wonderful child education blogs that I'd love to share...

Let's start with some basics - helping the learning process...

The Secret Ingredient for learning
according to http://childperspective.wordpress.com/

The three steps help move your child from introduction of a concept to mastery while ensuring their comfort, confidence, and success. She's basically referencing how we build are perceptual constructs. The three periods are:

Introduction/Naming – In this first period, you give the descriptor that you are teaching: “This is a cow.”

Association/Recognition – In this period, the child is asked to show the object within a larger group of objects: “Show me the cow.” This is the most important period and should last until your child is always successful. The next period is a bigger cognitive leap.

Recall – This is when you ask your child to name the object. Pointing to the cow you say, “what is this?“

She adds an important 4th ingredient without stating it

Patience: time, go at your child's speed - don't rush it.

To futher aid learning I've often heard chocolate does a brain wonders!

So after practicing a few words try this scrumptious Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake!


Have a great week!

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