Jun 1, 2009

It's June!

I dedicate this blog to My Grandma & Grandpa who will be missed. Thank you for 36 years of love.

June already!

I have a love-hate relationship with June. Spring is ending but Summer's almost here. It's my birth month but that reminds me I'm growing older. The year is half over but my year is just beginning. Ah June, the month of change, twins, and versatility!

Given that it is my birthday month, I'm picking out my own card from a new Etsy card shop I've discovered Zo-Be Designs check out her shop!

My favorite! Daisy & purple/green - nothing better than that!

Remember Me

and since it's June and my large beautiful roses just opened up...

Rose are red and burst open in June

June is also a great time for rethinking your goals and strategies for the year.

Feeling overwhelmed with work? Here here!

Maybe this article will help you refocus.

Now I've been scanning the blogs and have a list of goodies for you to try out: Enjoy!

The Kimono Pattern

Mezzaluna cookies

Homemade on the stove french fries! :<) http://creampuffsinvenice.ca/2009/05/08/fry-baby-fry/

Tissue pom pomshttp://www.casasugar.com/3116890
talk about cute - they'd be great to decorate a float or a wedding.

Have a great month!


haikitay said...

Hey you have tons of ideas on your blog nice job :>

lunaessence said...

How sweet these are. I love your blog! Keeps me interested!

Mikiep said...

YAY Happy B Day Month :)

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