Dec 30, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year!
We've been relaxing since Wed. Playing in the snow with our cousin's - dang! forgot the camera! Anthony bugged me all day Thursday, Friday...Saturday. Finally, I agreed to exchange his pants for a larger - hang down to your knee's size (rolling my eyes...). As we drove by I thought, Walmart is on the right I'll stop now and pick up that top I need for the retro twirl set I just sold...available on etsy

...So, we stroll through the dry parking lot and are forced to walk through the season goods ailes - with the still 50% holiday goods - which we couldn't resist another tin of dutch butter cookies - :<). Rush to get the tee - after letting the boys skip to the media section for a quick round of the motorcross video game. Back to electronics grab the boys rush them through the toy section reminding them the toys were still on 30% off and their 10$ will be better spent in a few weeks when the markdowns are greater. We head for checkout - scan the lanes for the least amount of people and guess who I mother's cousin. My Jr. High P.E. teacher, a woman I've not felt comfortable around - ever.

I debated stopping. I'd just learned her daughter was blocks from me - yet in a different town. *Sigh* pushing aside my anti-social anxieties, I pulled up behind and mumbled, "visiting grandchildren?" What a shocker, she'd come to town without my number, didn't know my last name and we met up in a store not central to either of us...We've all had such an experience (running into someone unexpectedly). Funny how things happen.

I spend the rest of the evening, save an hour of package exchanging, with my mother's cousin and her daughter. Sunday I dragged the old man to the cousins and we debated installing a rainguard but took the kids sledding instead. - Wish I had the camera...

Last night I was in the middle of winning my 4th round of Monopoly when that almost teenager of mine decided he'd had enough - phew - hours left 'till we'll have some almost alone time. Just me and Aidan. He's going to be so lonely...

Here are some pic's of New Year's Eve. We broke open the Champagne, Sparkling Cider after a few (hundred) rounds of guitarhero, a little bit of puzzle pieceing, and in between phone calls from the Fishes to inform us of motorcycle daredevils jumping madely for the new year and then we were finally able to set off our fireworks from the Forth of July! Fireworks in the snow! A first for me...The kids we're thrilled.

We're trying to include Spinach as well as variety to our table. So far we've made a rice, Spinach & hamburger - casserole type - not bad. Spinach lasagne that I should have added more red sauce too but was good... -hear is a new recipe to try - Spinach Quiche.

The Mom Song - funny! (Our Friend Fish emailed me the link.) If you're a mom or had a mom...or know a can relate!
How Family affects your brain
(great communication study!)

I hope to make a vision board for this new year to help me set some goals...How about you?

Well, Back to work...

Dec 29, 2008

Playing in the Snow

December 30 2008

2008 - year of the woman on-line (Check out the stats)

- One more day of 2008 and then ne'er again will we see....How do we stop the years?
We've been enjoying all the snow.

Yesterday's project..

Bored Kids?

The snowman picture is from the 7 all together blog...

Cookie of the Day

Linzer heart cookies

Well it's not a cookie but here is a gingerbread waffle recipe
List of Unique recipes - she is or was living in Japan & quite a collection

Poetry Exercise day 3
Complete the following...
J. Weston Walsh, Publisher (quoted from)

Ben Jonson wrote a poem called "Inviting a Friend to Supper"

Tonight, grave Sir, both my poor house and I
Do equally desire your company:
Not that we think us worth such a guest...
Yet shall you have, to rectify your palate,
An olive, capers, or some better salad,
Ushering the mutton; with a short-legged hen,
If we can get her, full of eggs, and then
Lemons, and wine for sauce

Jonson doesn't feel worthy of his friends company, but he invites him anyway and tries to entice him with delicious dishes. Think of someone famous you'd like to invite to your house, and write a poem asking him or her to a wonderful meal. You can make it sound like a fancy invitation, if you want: "Tonight, Queen Elizabeth, I desire your company...You shall eat pizza with me, lemonade..." You can also write about what the conversation will be like and who else (if anyone) will be coming.

- today's write up does not strike my fancy....

My response
Mr. Jonson, thankful for your gracious invite
Salivating, I am, at thoughts of inhaling your ceremonious grandeur
However, today's toil depletes my evening attentions
I long to immerse my overtaxed carcass into a warm bath
Thus relaxing with a novel spouting an other's troubles
Tonight I wish to transport my agitation to torpid thoughts
aided by a new craft of smooth vintage.
Perhaps another day we can sit over savory mutton and entertain an engaging dialect but tonight I must be solitary.
I think what I love most of poetry is that is breaks rules - plays with punctuation - drags rules through the can, if it chooses....
*sigh* Till tomorrow...

Dec 28, 2008

Happy Monday!
I'm at a point where I'm sick of searching for the right colored tops to match my skirts so I'm thinking of dyeing my tops. Of course I tried this before and the top came out blotchy so I've been put off but if I could master this art life would be sooo much sweeter. I found this site with a lot of instructions... sigh...but...I might give it a try...
I'd love to hear any experiences with dyeing fabric - hopefully successful experiences.

Interesting Blog of the day...

I found this photo on another blog & thought it was interesting...
Entitled, "Eight Maids a milking..."
It's a photo of one scene found in some neighborhood in Winterhaven? a town, somewhere...fascinating.
More interesting Blogs...

Cookie of the day...
Chocolate Gingerbread Bars...

Cool! List of Tutorial - Awesome!

Want to make an Easter Bunny?

Poetry Exercise
Day #2

Write the opposite of the following words...

Singing - trying, taking your voice places it WONT go, wheezy, pockets of strained air
Crash - tranquility, Sunday stroll through the country, freedom, peace
Writing - Thoughts bottle up, confusion, migraine headaches, emptiness
Wall - the edge, open space, release, absolve, deliverance, flexible, lubricious, ambiguous, fickle, precarious, tottering, wobbly....OY Vay!

new word - trammel,

Top 10 Tips on How to Keep your Resolution

Dec 27, 2008

Play-off Sunday

Dec. 28th - UPDATE -

Last I heard I'm up by 15 - My Philly Defense is going wild - 3 touch downs!!! Woo hoo and I still have a wide receiver to play tonight....Here we come 1st place!!!

Today's the big day -

Me vs. Fish - playing for 1st & 2nd
Anthony vs. Mrs. Fish playing for 2nd or 3rd...

My team looks pretty good, everyone has something to play for. Hopeing to be the 1st with a 2nd 1st place trophy!

That's about all we're doing today. Watching football & I have some sewing to do. Sold a tinkerbell Capri Set that I need to get ready to ship tomorrow...

Cookie of the Day

Chocolate Caramel Delight Cookies

Daily Warm-Ups

I need to get writing again so I'm going to try to keep up with daily exercises starting with this Poetry guide I have from J. Weston Walsh

Read the first stanza of "Spring" by Gerard Manley (longing for)

Nothing is so beautiful as Spring
When weeds in wheels, shoot long and lovely and lush;
Thrush's eggs look little low heavens, and thrush
The ear, it strikes like lightening to hear him sing
The glassy peartree leaves and blooms, they brush
The descending blue; that blue is all in a rush
With Richness; the racing lambs too have fair their fling

My attempt...
I long for the warmth and glow of Spring
Running my fingers through soft sifted dirt.
Trimming dew dripping stems
Seadlings clinging to pant cuffs and socks
My Robin, perched, the Sparows chattering like children at play
Waiting for each bloom, relishing their pilgrimage
Green petals, Green leaves, Green blades of grass;
That which the new winter keeps hidden far below.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I guess we weren't that bad this year as Santa visited our house. We opened one present on Christmas Eve in preparation for the next morning. Christmas jammies and teddies for the little ones and blankets & popcorn for all.

In our pj's, fist full of popcorn we put in the movie we chose to save for Christmas Eve - A Christmas Story, when it ended we turned on the TV & discovered it was playing and would be repeated all night and all the next day. -LOL

Alexander fell asleep early but Aidan, who had a late nap stayed awake for quite awhile but eventually everyone slept & Santa arrived through the snow. We new Santa had arrived when we heard Alexander leering his brothers into the living room as he played with his new Hotwheels Swamp Beast Acceleracer track. Santa brought some tickets for Lagoon so we'll have something to do while dad's off checking rigs this summer and he brought Guitar Hero so we can compete when dad gets home. Santa also brought several games so hopefully the pieces will remain intact so we'll have something to play when we've decided the snow isn't fun anymore. lol

Dad's Handmade Shorts 1 of 4...

So after two games of Monopoly - with me as the Victor! :<) - several rounds of Guitar Hero, and a little bit of cleaning up, we'll off to play in the snow, eat some chilly, watch some movies & then get back to work....Time to start thinking about what you want for the New Year...hmmmm I want to keep up this blog - maybe find something steady to post that will bring initiative like - a cookie of the day...Here's cookie number 1...

The Oreo Truffles

My New Tote :)
It's reversible!

Perfect to take to basketball..

Cookie of the day - Cream Cheese Swirl Bars

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Dec 24, 2008

The Day Before Christmas

Twas a day before Christmas and all through our house
two little mice ran scurrying about.
Peeking in Stockings, rattling presents,Searching for Anthony's candy cane.
As they flipped the switch of every light in the house,
their giggles and whispers waffled up the stairs.
6:30, 7:00, 7:15 here they come.
Did I miss calculate? Did I count wrong? Could today be the 25th?
They're so excited, so wide awake.
Good grief, it's not time yet,not time for Santa, not time to get up.
No it can't be the 25th...
But here I sit wide awake
with 24 hours more to go.
What will this day bring, How much cheer? How much excitement?
How much snow? How much relief?
Merry Christmas to all - may your little ones let you sleep!


After a full day of last minute shopping for nothing much in particular we took the kids to Chucke Cheese, the Christmas village and the Fantasy night lights at the Bay.

We had a great time at Chucke Cheese. The boys scampered & cavorted while Doug played football and I played pinball. We had a couple family rounds of pinball. I took the night with 12,000,000 points in pinball...hmmm what was Doug's I score??? 1,000,000? Lol Then on the the Christmas Village - it's was "the kids' night" for our kids.

The Christmas village is a little village of doll houses - approximately 5' to 12' tall buildings with little Christmasy scenes inside.

The houses circle one of the public buildings in Ogden (the court house?). Santa was in a center building taking pictures with a pretty good line. By the time we found him we were pretty cold and didn't stop, just slyly scooted by the building without the little ones knowing...

Next, to Willard Bay...

A few miles north of Ogden is Willard Bay, a camping spot located on a bay of the Great Salt Lake. The had stand alone Christmas figures. A family of deer, nativity scene, reindeer school with the reindeer jumping of a picnic area building, flying through the air and then....oh splat in the snow. Santa on a snowmobile zooming down the track, kids in their beds dreaming of lollipops, cupcakes and candy - we said this was Alexander - lol...Anyway, lot's of scenes and the kids love it.

These are photo's from earlier...Anthony keeps asking if we're going to see Santa. Doug asked him if he wants to sit on his lap - lol, Alexander just came home with a 12x12 wrapped box from the neighbors. *Sigh* Maybe their 12 year old (Alexander's friend - but not his girlfriend - Rose - who is 16 - lol) would like a skirt/ or an appliqued tee.... *sigh*

Alexander with Santa


Aidan with Santa

This is the most excitement we remember for the season.

Merry Christmas to all and I'll try to get tomorrow's pictures up soon! :<)

Dec 21, 2008

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

9 Santa Cupcakes...

Here is what New York City Cupcake lovers have in store for Santa...

Personally, I'd prefer these mouth watering Vanilla Bean cupcakes -

Don't forget to check the Santa Tracker...

Cooked up some Spinach lasagne last night with the left over Chicken in a Parmigainey sauce Doug made a couple nights ago. Aidan pointed at the green and said that was yukky and Alexander asked what "that" was.. We made them eat it and they ate it all and didn't complain. I thought it turned out pretty good - could have added more sauce. I mixed the spinach with diced Italian style tomatoes then added the chicken and some grated, fresh parmasean (sp?) cheese and left over sauce - should have added more sauce between layers. - Not bad!

Well, it's Sunday, yesterday we took the kids sledding at the local park. It's nice to be so close to such a placed as we didn't have all the snow, nor many hills in Idaho... It's football day today. I'm playing Anthony in the playoffs. Watch out sunny Jim your momma's gonna take you down! LOL

I woke up with a little Anxiety and found some more cool sewing/ food links. Enjoy!

Make a travel bag

Coin Purse

Pillow box template (perfect gift box for fabric tissue holders)

Muscovado Fudge

Lemon Drops, Snowballs, Snickers Cookies and Almond Sugar Cookies
(you'll have to scroll through this and look for the clickable names, they're all in a row)

BORED? Scroll down to the bottom right - Play Tetris.... :<)

Dec 20, 2008

Eighth day of Christmas...
5 minutes to Shopping, 3 minutes running across the store to get what I need & 20 minutes in line...

I think I'll finish up some last minute Christmas projects today. Need to figure out what to do for hubby. The aprons are a good idea but with all this new snow - who wants to barbeque and I'd want matching for the boys and that means more sewing, more fabric...The boys are all getting pj's & stuff - sooooo I may look at the NFL prints...or just some knit for b-ball shorts... Sigh - I always struggle with his gifts.....Any ideas??? Post a comment or email - maybe a tie - he needs a tie tack.... ugg.

That's about all for today...

Some new e-instructions.... :<)
Pumpkin Fish bowl - candy dish -

Crochette a heart

Crochette a verticle blanket

Dec 17, 2008

Christmas Sewing - Twirls for Girls

Dec. 19th
On the 7th day of Chrismas my true love gave to me...

7 great Christmas movies
(Jack Frost, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Jingle All the Way, Christmas with the Kranks, Santa Clause).
6 hours of snowfalling
5 Christ...mas... projects
(2 pairs of pj's, 2 matching teddies, 20 Oreo truffles, another Christmas Tote, 2 twirl skirts, and 1 looming project)

4 thousand yards of fabric,
3 smiling boys, 2 Christmas light pictures & a va.a.a.ase by..Anthony...

Anyway, It's snowing once again, snowing blowing the street that was completely dry this morning has about 4 inches? I've finished the truffles & have them wrapped and tied with my grandma's knitting string (Thank you Grammy). Picture coming soon. I finished Aidan & Alexander's PJ's were going to take a bath open our pj's, popcorn and watch a Christmas movie - and a night before Christmas story if I remember to get & can find the book - as our Christmas eve celebration. I made matching pj's for the teddies - Aidan will love and Alexander I think will like too - I didn't make Anthony one but I'm planning on a name pillow instead...He doesn't have new jammies either - I just made him some and -phew, I'm tired...Well I'm off to make another tote for a neighbor - last one I'm making and then I'm making a bigger tote for me (probably, after Christmas) to take my sewing to the basketball games...Then it's off to pick up the kids...

Dec. 18th...
Make a no-sew, knot-fleece blanket

December 16th - (oops - it's the 17th -on the5th day of chrs..) On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...4 handcrafted gifts, 3 smiling boys, 2 Christmas light pictures & a va.a.a.ase by..Anthony...

Doug put our Christmas lights the Sat. after Thanksgiving - in his shorts - or was it Friday? Probably Friday - no football. Well We have snow now - just enough. Our deer needs fixin' but the rest worked out. Next year he want's to decorate the front yard tree - Mr. I'm not puttin' up Christmas lights! Go figure -lol

It was craft day at Mom's club and toy, diaper & what not donating day. Aidan made Christmas cards and played with the girlies. I made these two twirl skirts with matching pillowcase tops for the two teddies for some lucky girls to unwrap this Chrismas.

I liked how they turned out - especially the floral - it has the freespirit fabric I use for birthday sets - I love this fabric. The other is a tinkerbell skirt but It's hard to see tink in the picture. I was lazy only only put one strap around the neck and tied it in the center instead of two to tie at the side - I thought it was kinda cute for the teddies - and less work for me - for some reason I don't enjoy making straps - I guess because it falls into a catagory of "tedious."

A typical day at our house - fighting over Aidan!

Teacher/ Neighbor gifts

- Well Mrs. E's Christmas Tote is finished.

I filled the apple tote I made with a matching tissue holder & tissue, plus, pencils some "way to go" stickers, (she's been using several on Alexander's - Nice not Naughty chart..., some cute race car erasers (for her treasure box) and this beautiful magnet - a clear jem with a painted rose. I picked it up from The Cozy Loft. They came in two's but, I couldn't resist putting one on my fridge - where's that embarrased smilie?

I've made more tissue holders in the blue/teal fabric to go in the peppermint totes - the
aren't matching but they can use the fabric tissues in their purses and they aren't so Christmassy.

Cool Recipe!

I found a recipe for Oreo Truffles that I'm planning on making - just need to get the Oreos & Cream Cheese That I will food process together and freeze in little balls and then will dip the balls into melted white chocolate - and I need to get some little candy holders. I picked up some plastic tissue wrapping and that should be good for the neighbors... And a few for the Kellers too - lol...

Anthony made this vase in Art - taking a good picture prooved difficult but here it is. He's proud of it and I think he did a great job!

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