Dec 28, 2008

Happy Monday!
I'm at a point where I'm sick of searching for the right colored tops to match my skirts so I'm thinking of dyeing my tops. Of course I tried this before and the top came out blotchy so I've been put off but if I could master this art life would be sooo much sweeter. I found this site with a lot of instructions... sigh...but...I might give it a try...
I'd love to hear any experiences with dyeing fabric - hopefully successful experiences.

Interesting Blog of the day...

I found this photo on another blog & thought it was interesting...
Entitled, "Eight Maids a milking..."
It's a photo of one scene found in some neighborhood in Winterhaven? a town, somewhere...fascinating.
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Cookie of the day...
Chocolate Gingerbread Bars...

Cool! List of Tutorial - Awesome!

Want to make an Easter Bunny?

Poetry Exercise
Day #2

Write the opposite of the following words...

Singing - trying, taking your voice places it WONT go, wheezy, pockets of strained air
Crash - tranquility, Sunday stroll through the country, freedom, peace
Writing - Thoughts bottle up, confusion, migraine headaches, emptiness
Wall - the edge, open space, release, absolve, deliverance, flexible, lubricious, ambiguous, fickle, precarious, tottering, wobbly....OY Vay!

new word - trammel,

Top 10 Tips on How to Keep your Resolution

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