Dec 27, 2008


Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. I guess we weren't that bad this year as Santa visited our house. We opened one present on Christmas Eve in preparation for the next morning. Christmas jammies and teddies for the little ones and blankets & popcorn for all.

In our pj's, fist full of popcorn we put in the movie we chose to save for Christmas Eve - A Christmas Story, when it ended we turned on the TV & discovered it was playing and would be repeated all night and all the next day. -LOL

Alexander fell asleep early but Aidan, who had a late nap stayed awake for quite awhile but eventually everyone slept & Santa arrived through the snow. We new Santa had arrived when we heard Alexander leering his brothers into the living room as he played with his new Hotwheels Swamp Beast Acceleracer track. Santa brought some tickets for Lagoon so we'll have something to do while dad's off checking rigs this summer and he brought Guitar Hero so we can compete when dad gets home. Santa also brought several games so hopefully the pieces will remain intact so we'll have something to play when we've decided the snow isn't fun anymore. lol

Dad's Handmade Shorts 1 of 4...

So after two games of Monopoly - with me as the Victor! :<) - several rounds of Guitar Hero, and a little bit of cleaning up, we'll off to play in the snow, eat some chilly, watch some movies & then get back to work....Time to start thinking about what you want for the New Year...hmmmm I want to keep up this blog - maybe find something steady to post that will bring initiative like - a cookie of the day...Here's cookie number 1...

The Oreo Truffles

My New Tote :)
It's reversible!

Perfect to take to basketball..

Cookie of the day - Cream Cheese Swirl Bars

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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