Dec 20, 2008

Eighth day of Christmas...
5 minutes to Shopping, 3 minutes running across the store to get what I need & 20 minutes in line...

I think I'll finish up some last minute Christmas projects today. Need to figure out what to do for hubby. The aprons are a good idea but with all this new snow - who wants to barbeque and I'd want matching for the boys and that means more sewing, more fabric...The boys are all getting pj's & stuff - sooooo I may look at the NFL prints...or just some knit for b-ball shorts... Sigh - I always struggle with his gifts.....Any ideas??? Post a comment or email - maybe a tie - he needs a tie tack.... ugg.

That's about all for today...

Some new e-instructions.... :<)
Pumpkin Fish bowl - candy dish -

Crochette a heart

Crochette a verticle blanket

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