Jul 27, 2009

25$ In-store Giveaway - This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering ans stay tuned for future giveaways. :<)

Hello, I'm Angela, from Etsy's Amievoltaire. I'm offering an in-store giveaway and would like to share a little about myself and why I love Etsy.

Etsy's positive, creative atmosphere encouraged me to start up shop. I've sold used, new and now handmade items on-line for 5 years to help support my family of 5. My Etsy store opened a year ago and for the past few months I've put forth a great deal of effort to promote my handmade children's clothing that are most often driven by my inspiring fabric. My lines tend to be season driven.

Currently I'm focused on Back to school and the upcoming fall holidays. I'm running a 25$ store credit giveaway on my blog in spirit of the upcoming season. This contest will run from July 28th through August 11th. In addition to the giveaway, I'm offering free shipping to all contestants - just send me an email in etsy and let me know you're interested and I will take of the shipping.

25$ Store Credit at Amievoltaire's Children Customs

To enter this contest you must

1) Visit Amievoltaire, my Etsy store, choose your favorite item, then return here and tell me which item you chose and why. (Remember to add your contact information or I won't be able to contact you.)

Additional entries are allowed only if you've completed step 1 and all comments have followed the rules in all steps. Comments that haven't completed step 1 will be disregarded.

2) An additional entry for those who post the giveaway to twitter with a link to http://rosepetalcustoms.blogspot.com and share your twitter id in your comment on this giveaway contest page.

3) An additional entry for those who blog about the giveaway and share a link to the blog in the giveaway contest comments.

4) One last entry will be given for those who add my Amievoltaire Blog as their friend.

Winner will be chosen using Random.org on August 12th and winner will have 3 days to respond before a new entry will be randomly chosen. In-store credit must be used within 6 months of August 11th and will depend on what's currently available. Items have a 7-10 day turn around special circumstances can be considered.

Jul 21, 2009

Green ECO Friendly Lifestyle

So many folks talk about Eco Culture today and and the tradition of living green. All the buzz is addicting. What the heck, why not, living green is healthier for ME, saves ME money and I sure love how fresh, clean and blue my Northern Pacific rivers as opposed to the polluted, murky brown rivers I've seen elsewhere. So if it's cheap, or saves me green, if it simple and pleasurable - sure why not, I'm in!

Below I've listed several ideas and links from my research on ways I can live Green

How about you?


Methods for an Eco Lifestyle

Make your own cleaning products!

Eco Meg has a great blog with 10 simple ways to save money the healthy way.

Make items to Sell

Make money on what otherwise could be called trash!

Here are some Free suggestions:

Branch into Buttons?

Upcycle shopping Bag

Monks Bag out of pillowcases

Give or Sell your items to Artists & Crafters

Do you know how many people are looking for your old Fabric scraps, bottle caps, magnet backs, wire coat hangers - etc...? Ask BlendStudios.wordpress.com

Give Green Gifts from the Etsy Twitter Team

Then after you've cleaned your house, sold your unwanted treasures or you newly designed treasuries, made or bought your gifts...

It's time to Party!

Try 5 Tips for Green Entertaining!
from PartyBluePrintsBlog.com

Then, Relax with this Yummy Orange Cream Cocktail in your vintage glasswear.
Recipe at & Picture from PartyBluePrintsBlog.com

Check out my Eco friendly children's clothing at Amievoltaire search Go Green!

Have a great week!

Jul 12, 2009

Attracting Customers with Squidoo


I'm on a mission to make my clothing creation store lucrative and not just a hobby the biggest question is how to stimulate my listing views with more shoppers than curious onlookers. It seams my treasured craft listings that I've put so much time and love into are lost within a mountain of artists and mass producers. So I'm researching how other sellers are making it.

Tools for the Beginner Social Media Use

I've discovered Illustrious Etsy Jewelry and Sculpture Seller Noadi who utilizes social media aites like Squidoo to attract shoppers to her extraordinary handmade art with compelling "How To" Squidoo lenses. Read Noadi

Not only are Up & Coming Artists and Crafting Stay at Home Moms and Dads using these media sites. Did you know that Kmart also attracts illustrious designers and customers with Social Media Sites on the internet. Think you can compete with Kmart? The Free Debate written by lensmaster Seth Godin suggests you can. Read "Why Squidoo Handmade?"

My Etsy Twitter Team has a new Member of the Week Feature

Meet Amanda

Amanda is a New York Chemistry student who sells on Etsy for fun and to support her college expenses. Sh loves beads, color and twitter. Amanda says,

“I absolutely love color, so creating usually starts with a tube of really fun beads. I love the tropics so don't be surprised to find bright colors and a touch of the Caribbean! I also find inspiration from fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, and interesting focal beads.” Source ETT

She has a special in her Etsy store:

Special for this week: All items are already marked down 15%. Mention "Etsy Twitter Team" at checkout and she will include a free gift!

Check out her awesome beads.

Recipe of the Day

Now for what you've all been waiting for -Yum! A new recipe from Debbie's Recipe Box.

And for those of you who, like me, love No Bake Cookies and have no idea how make them Deanna has provided the recipe. :<) I have a few more patterns/ tutorials :<)

Beer Bottle Bag

Fabric Visor

Homemade Stickers

Upcycle Men's Shirt into Child Pants

Everyone seems to be talking about up cycle, in my circle these days... So environmentally friendly and sooo Cute!
http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/2009/05/theres-no-such-thing-as-leftovers-pants.html ~ Cute ~ Cute pants

Upcycle a Shirt into Dress


Make a fabric postcard
http://www.burdastyle.com/howtos/show/1938# fabric postcard

Finally! Some Social Media tools for you Communicating Freaks:

50 ways to use twitter.

This is an amazing web page/ lens that is a gold mine of information not just for "How to use twitter" but offers excellent resources for "How to present a personality in a no-face zone."

Here are the top 10 :<)
  1. Tell people what's blooming in your Garden.
  2. Give a little Grandmotherly Love.
  3. Use twitterfeed to feed your blog to twitter.
  4. Help spread the word about keeping cool dogs out of hot cars!
  5. Announce your artwork "Pick of the Week" on Zazzle.
  6. Let people know the 411 on ebay.
  7. Give 10 Bright Ideas to Make Your Home Energy Efficient.
  8. Use Squidcasting.
  9. Show people The Funniest Squidoo Lensmasters.
  10. Ask who would win in a fight? Kool-Aid Man or Hawaiian Punch's Punchy?
Bing your URL's
-or help MSN find your website ;<) Submit your URLs to MSN

Key word suggestion tool

Have a great Week!

Jul 9, 2009

Shabby Chic with a Touch of Modern
Wow! My Pillowcase dress is in this Gorgeous Treasury

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