Jul 21, 2009

Green ECO Friendly Lifestyle

So many folks talk about Eco Culture today and and the tradition of living green. All the buzz is addicting. What the heck, why not, living green is healthier for ME, saves ME money and I sure love how fresh, clean and blue my Northern Pacific rivers as opposed to the polluted, murky brown rivers I've seen elsewhere. So if it's cheap, or saves me green, if it simple and pleasurable - sure why not, I'm in!

Below I've listed several ideas and links from my research on ways I can live Green

How about you?


Methods for an Eco Lifestyle

Make your own cleaning products!

Eco Meg has a great blog with 10 simple ways to save money the healthy way.

Make items to Sell

Make money on what otherwise could be called trash!

Here are some Free suggestions:

Branch into Buttons?

Upcycle shopping Bag

Monks Bag out of pillowcases

Give or Sell your items to Artists & Crafters

Do you know how many people are looking for your old Fabric scraps, bottle caps, magnet backs, wire coat hangers - etc...? Ask BlendStudios.wordpress.com

Give Green Gifts from the Etsy Twitter Team

Then after you've cleaned your house, sold your unwanted treasures or you newly designed treasuries, made or bought your gifts...

It's time to Party!

Try 5 Tips for Green Entertaining!
from PartyBluePrintsBlog.com

Then, Relax with this Yummy Orange Cream Cocktail in your vintage glasswear.
Recipe at & Picture from PartyBluePrintsBlog.com

Check out my Eco friendly children's clothing at Amievoltaire search Go Green!

Have a great week!

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