Aug 27, 2009

The Spotted Box

60 Tissue Cozies in the Mail!

Yesterday I mailed off 60 tissue cozies, samples to be distributed through The Spotted Box 
What is it?

The Spotted Box is a box of family-oriented, eco-friendly samples from independent crafters, all packaged together and sent directly to you! Designed with the young family in mind, these handmade samples are focused on children and their mothers.

What does it have in it?

The Spotted Box can include samples like: Bath and body, doublers, candles, bookmarks, candy, stationery, bibs, wool food, toys, paper arts, wipes, wool wash, tarts, mama pads, dish clothes, teas, food, dog treats, gift certificates, magnets, pens, hair products, jewelry and more! Each month it changes depending on the participants. (from About the Box)
By sending in Samples The Spotted Box will feature my store for the month of September on their site and 60 people will receive a sample of mine with my business card. And, since I send 60 samples instead of 20 I will receive a mini box of my own. Can't wait to get it :<)
Check out my feature & other Sept. participants :<)
Boxes go on sale September 15th
If you would like a box visit 

Aug 25, 2009

Childrens Giveaway


Children Accessories

For the next few weeks my Utah Etsy Teamates will be giving away several goodies. This week the theme is Children's Accessories (see all item giveaways below).

I'm giving away 10$ toward my any item / items in my store.



For each giveaway is to post on the Utah Etsy blog which giveaway you would like to win. The allow you additional entries if you view the stores, blog about the giveaways and more opportunities. Check out the entries at UtahEtsy

Grandmas Sewing Room

Olive Janes

Aug 23, 2009

FFEST Taking Etsy by Storm

Taking Etsy by Storm
Read more about FFEST (Facebook Fans on Etsy Street Team)

Aug 21, 2009

There's a New Team in Town


the Newest Etsy Street Team

Read the team's story of how a group of Etsy Sellers met through facebook
and turned into an Etsy Team below.

Less than a day old an already a Team Treasury!
Click pic to Stop by and say Hi!

Etsy Team Beginnings...

written by our fearless team leader

Just about a month ago, I started a thread in the Etsy forums to gain my Facebook Fans for my Etsy shop's fan page. Little did I know that 68 pages and 668 posts later the thread would still be alive and well.

Please read more on founder and leader, Gloria Bray's blog Lucky Ladybug DesignsLucky Ladybug Designs.

The Etsy forum post fantastic turn out encouraged Gloria to create a Facebook Fans on Etsy Group and the extensive networking there led to the new Etsy Street team. Our team is made up of the best of the best on Etsy.

Current members are also active members of various Etsy street teams such as Etsy Twitter Team, Etsy Friends Team, Utah Etsy, Busy Moms of Etsy, plus POE TEAM (photographers on Etsy), EFA team (Etsy for Animals), etsyveg team, efc team (Etsy for Charity), and veganetsy team. PHEW! We're busy ladies!

The Facebook Fans On Etsy (FFEST) team is handpicked and will grow slow to ensure we acquire active, go now member. You may see the team requirements for active participants as well as the requirements to join on the team blog FacebookFansonEtsy

Aug 18, 2009

South Paw Studios

Joyce Richards of Beads of Glass, my Etsy Twitter Team Member, is diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung cancer and it's now spread to her brain. Our team is helping her raise treatment funding by "attacking" her shop with sales. Please browse her Etsy store and see if she has something for you.

 South Paw Studios is donating 60% of the next 10 sales directly to Joyce.

Etsy Friends Tuesday

Meet My Etsy Friends

I'd like to introduce you to two of my Etsy Friends

Tea and Sweets


Firebirdhouse Designs

Carrie from Tea and Sweets is my Etsy Friend Teammate
She joined Etsy recenty and has enjoyed baking since she was little.

If you visit TeaAndSweets you will discover a world of scrumptious goodies like the following. Make sure you check out her delectable shop and read more about her at our Etsy Friends Blog

Firebirdhouse Designs is my Etsy Twitter teammate Kristen.
She is a compassionate Friend and Jewelry Designer. Read more about Kristen.

Thank you for reading about my friends! Visit me at Amievoltaire

Aug 12, 2009

Giveaway Winner

We Have A Winner

Random.Org Chose Commentor #60 as the winner of $25 toward's Etsy Shop Amievoltaire

#60 is Talina from RipperArts

Talina is another Etsy seller who makes crochet chokers and beautiful cutting boards. Check out her shop!

Here is a little info about Talina:

As we live our art, we strive to support local and/or handmade. If that isn't possible, then will will buy products made in the USA. Now, this is something we just recently implemented in our family, but we feel stongly about it. Just as we hope others will consider our functional art to buy for their own homes or as gifts for others, we try to do the same. For example, we no longer do our weekly shopping at Wal-Mart, instead we choose to go to a local grocery chain. If possible, we no longer buy clothing at Babies 'R Us, Old Navy or Target, but instead, we buy handmade clothing from fellow Etsians online. We no longer shop for toys at Toys 'R Us, but from The Barefoot Chameleon, a local, small specialty shop across the street from the studio/gallery. We've met a few local Etsians who we now make routine purchases from. Margaret at Metime has some great handmade laundry and bath products that we use in our home daily. These are just a few of the specific examples of our new purchasing habbits.

Congratulations Talina!

Etsy Coupon

While Talina gets the Grand Prize all contestants are a winner. Please stop by my store and receive 25% off any item in my store but sending me a message stating you were a contestant :<)


In addition, here is a link to a cute Vanilla Pecan Sand Castle Recipe I found on Martha

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