Aug 12, 2009

Giveaway Winner

We Have A Winner

Random.Org Chose Commentor #60 as the winner of $25 toward's Etsy Shop Amievoltaire

#60 is Talina from RipperArts

Talina is another Etsy seller who makes crochet chokers and beautiful cutting boards. Check out her shop!

Here is a little info about Talina:

As we live our art, we strive to support local and/or handmade. If that isn't possible, then will will buy products made in the USA. Now, this is something we just recently implemented in our family, but we feel stongly about it. Just as we hope others will consider our functional art to buy for their own homes or as gifts for others, we try to do the same. For example, we no longer do our weekly shopping at Wal-Mart, instead we choose to go to a local grocery chain. If possible, we no longer buy clothing at Babies 'R Us, Old Navy or Target, but instead, we buy handmade clothing from fellow Etsians online. We no longer shop for toys at Toys 'R Us, but from The Barefoot Chameleon, a local, small specialty shop across the street from the studio/gallery. We've met a few local Etsians who we now make routine purchases from. Margaret at Metime has some great handmade laundry and bath products that we use in our home daily. These are just a few of the specific examples of our new purchasing habbits.

Congratulations Talina!

Etsy Coupon

While Talina gets the Grand Prize all contestants are a winner. Please stop by my store and receive 25% off any item in my store but sending me a message stating you were a contestant :<)


In addition, here is a link to a cute Vanilla Pecan Sand Castle Recipe I found on Martha

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