Dec 30, 2008

New Year

Happy New Year!
We've been relaxing since Wed. Playing in the snow with our cousin's - dang! forgot the camera! Anthony bugged me all day Thursday, Friday...Saturday. Finally, I agreed to exchange his pants for a larger - hang down to your knee's size (rolling my eyes...). As we drove by I thought, Walmart is on the right I'll stop now and pick up that top I need for the retro twirl set I just sold...available on etsy

...So, we stroll through the dry parking lot and are forced to walk through the season goods ailes - with the still 50% holiday goods - which we couldn't resist another tin of dutch butter cookies - :<). Rush to get the tee - after letting the boys skip to the media section for a quick round of the motorcross video game. Back to electronics grab the boys rush them through the toy section reminding them the toys were still on 30% off and their 10$ will be better spent in a few weeks when the markdowns are greater. We head for checkout - scan the lanes for the least amount of people and guess who I mother's cousin. My Jr. High P.E. teacher, a woman I've not felt comfortable around - ever.

I debated stopping. I'd just learned her daughter was blocks from me - yet in a different town. *Sigh* pushing aside my anti-social anxieties, I pulled up behind and mumbled, "visiting grandchildren?" What a shocker, she'd come to town without my number, didn't know my last name and we met up in a store not central to either of us...We've all had such an experience (running into someone unexpectedly). Funny how things happen.

I spend the rest of the evening, save an hour of package exchanging, with my mother's cousin and her daughter. Sunday I dragged the old man to the cousins and we debated installing a rainguard but took the kids sledding instead. - Wish I had the camera...

Last night I was in the middle of winning my 4th round of Monopoly when that almost teenager of mine decided he'd had enough - phew - hours left 'till we'll have some almost alone time. Just me and Aidan. He's going to be so lonely...

Here are some pic's of New Year's Eve. We broke open the Champagne, Sparkling Cider after a few (hundred) rounds of guitarhero, a little bit of puzzle pieceing, and in between phone calls from the Fishes to inform us of motorcycle daredevils jumping madely for the new year and then we were finally able to set off our fireworks from the Forth of July! Fireworks in the snow! A first for me...The kids we're thrilled.

We're trying to include Spinach as well as variety to our table. So far we've made a rice, Spinach & hamburger - casserole type - not bad. Spinach lasagne that I should have added more red sauce too but was good... -hear is a new recipe to try - Spinach Quiche.

The Mom Song - funny! (Our Friend Fish emailed me the link.) If you're a mom or had a mom...or know a can relate!
How Family affects your brain
(great communication study!)

I hope to make a vision board for this new year to help me set some goals...How about you?

Well, Back to work...

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