Dec 17, 2008

Christmas Sewing - Twirls for Girls

Dec. 19th
On the 7th day of Chrismas my true love gave to me...

7 great Christmas movies
(Jack Frost, Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, Jingle All the Way, Christmas with the Kranks, Santa Clause).
6 hours of snowfalling
5 Christ...mas... projects
(2 pairs of pj's, 2 matching teddies, 20 Oreo truffles, another Christmas Tote, 2 twirl skirts, and 1 looming project)

4 thousand yards of fabric,
3 smiling boys, 2 Christmas light pictures & a va.a.a.ase by..Anthony...

Anyway, It's snowing once again, snowing blowing the street that was completely dry this morning has about 4 inches? I've finished the truffles & have them wrapped and tied with my grandma's knitting string (Thank you Grammy). Picture coming soon. I finished Aidan & Alexander's PJ's were going to take a bath open our pj's, popcorn and watch a Christmas movie - and a night before Christmas story if I remember to get & can find the book - as our Christmas eve celebration. I made matching pj's for the teddies - Aidan will love and Alexander I think will like too - I didn't make Anthony one but I'm planning on a name pillow instead...He doesn't have new jammies either - I just made him some and -phew, I'm tired...Well I'm off to make another tote for a neighbor - last one I'm making and then I'm making a bigger tote for me (probably, after Christmas) to take my sewing to the basketball games...Then it's off to pick up the kids...

Dec. 18th...
Make a no-sew, knot-fleece blanket

December 16th - (oops - it's the 17th -on the5th day of chrs..) On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...4 handcrafted gifts, 3 smiling boys, 2 Christmas light pictures & a va.a.a.ase by..Anthony...

Doug put our Christmas lights the Sat. after Thanksgiving - in his shorts - or was it Friday? Probably Friday - no football. Well We have snow now - just enough. Our deer needs fixin' but the rest worked out. Next year he want's to decorate the front yard tree - Mr. I'm not puttin' up Christmas lights! Go figure -lol

It was craft day at Mom's club and toy, diaper & what not donating day. Aidan made Christmas cards and played with the girlies. I made these two twirl skirts with matching pillowcase tops for the two teddies for some lucky girls to unwrap this Chrismas.

I liked how they turned out - especially the floral - it has the freespirit fabric I use for birthday sets - I love this fabric. The other is a tinkerbell skirt but It's hard to see tink in the picture. I was lazy only only put one strap around the neck and tied it in the center instead of two to tie at the side - I thought it was kinda cute for the teddies - and less work for me - for some reason I don't enjoy making straps - I guess because it falls into a catagory of "tedious."

A typical day at our house - fighting over Aidan!

Teacher/ Neighbor gifts

- Well Mrs. E's Christmas Tote is finished.

I filled the apple tote I made with a matching tissue holder & tissue, plus, pencils some "way to go" stickers, (she's been using several on Alexander's - Nice not Naughty chart..., some cute race car erasers (for her treasure box) and this beautiful magnet - a clear jem with a painted rose. I picked it up from The Cozy Loft. They came in two's but, I couldn't resist putting one on my fridge - where's that embarrased smilie?

I've made more tissue holders in the blue/teal fabric to go in the peppermint totes - the
aren't matching but they can use the fabric tissues in their purses and they aren't so Christmassy.

Cool Recipe!

I found a recipe for Oreo Truffles that I'm planning on making - just need to get the Oreos & Cream Cheese That I will food process together and freeze in little balls and then will dip the balls into melted white chocolate - and I need to get some little candy holders. I picked up some plastic tissue wrapping and that should be good for the neighbors... And a few for the Kellers too - lol...

Anthony made this vase in Art - taking a good picture prooved difficult but here it is. He's proud of it and I think he did a great job!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh!! You are so sweet! I am thrilled that you love the magnets and wanted to keep one for yourself. Absolutely thrilled!!

AND that you blogged about them, is just the cherry on top!! Thank you so much - it's such an honor to have met you!!

You and your family are just adorable!!

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