Dec 24, 2008

The Day Before Christmas

Twas a day before Christmas and all through our house
two little mice ran scurrying about.
Peeking in Stockings, rattling presents,Searching for Anthony's candy cane.
As they flipped the switch of every light in the house,
their giggles and whispers waffled up the stairs.
6:30, 7:00, 7:15 here they come.
Did I miss calculate? Did I count wrong? Could today be the 25th?
They're so excited, so wide awake.
Good grief, it's not time yet,not time for Santa, not time to get up.
No it can't be the 25th...
But here I sit wide awake
with 24 hours more to go.
What will this day bring, How much cheer? How much excitement?
How much snow? How much relief?
Merry Christmas to all - may your little ones let you sleep!


After a full day of last minute shopping for nothing much in particular we took the kids to Chucke Cheese, the Christmas village and the Fantasy night lights at the Bay.

We had a great time at Chucke Cheese. The boys scampered & cavorted while Doug played football and I played pinball. We had a couple family rounds of pinball. I took the night with 12,000,000 points in pinball...hmmm what was Doug's I score??? 1,000,000? Lol Then on the the Christmas Village - it's was "the kids' night" for our kids.

The Christmas village is a little village of doll houses - approximately 5' to 12' tall buildings with little Christmasy scenes inside.

The houses circle one of the public buildings in Ogden (the court house?). Santa was in a center building taking pictures with a pretty good line. By the time we found him we were pretty cold and didn't stop, just slyly scooted by the building without the little ones knowing...

Next, to Willard Bay...

A few miles north of Ogden is Willard Bay, a camping spot located on a bay of the Great Salt Lake. The had stand alone Christmas figures. A family of deer, nativity scene, reindeer school with the reindeer jumping of a picnic area building, flying through the air and then....oh splat in the snow. Santa on a snowmobile zooming down the track, kids in their beds dreaming of lollipops, cupcakes and candy - we said this was Alexander - lol...Anyway, lot's of scenes and the kids love it.

These are photo's from earlier...Anthony keeps asking if we're going to see Santa. Doug asked him if he wants to sit on his lap - lol, Alexander just came home with a 12x12 wrapped box from the neighbors. *Sigh* Maybe their 12 year old (Alexander's friend - but not his girlfriend - Rose - who is 16 - lol) would like a skirt/ or an appliqued tee.... *sigh*

Alexander with Santa


Aidan with Santa

This is the most excitement we remember for the season.

Merry Christmas to all and I'll try to get tomorrow's pictures up soon! :<)

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