May 7, 2009

It's May!

Month of Mothers & Flowers

What are U doing for your mom this month?
Need some ideas?

Make her a Chocolate Molten Cake listed by the fatquartershop

Or a Fruit Cocktail Cake also from the fatquartershop
Personally I'm hoping for these Martha Stewart filled carrot-cake cookies!

Maybe you just want to make her these yummy breakfast browns!

If you're a knitter you might make her a truffle sweater

or a Shalom Cardigan If you sew turn her old shirt into a blouse!

If you are an aunt take the kids for your sister/ sister-in-law for mother's day and here's what you can do with the kids:

Help the old kids make bandana pants

Sew a tie with the little guys.
Play with freezer paper stencils.
Try on a crayon roll Or make some sack lunches and head to the park!

Found some ideas?

As for me...I think I'll give my mother words...

I remember...

coming her hair
hot chocolate at the Stockmans
playing keno at the Commercial
and Taco Time empanada's after a carnival - the old taco time.

I remember her
driving me to piano lessons
picking me up from school (with a kitten in my pocket)
when she sweated for a lunch break to celebrate Thanksgiving
when she made her dispatch uniforms
picking her flowers on my way home from school.

I remember
the first time she held my daughter
and my son
and my son
...and my son.

I thank her
putting up with my screaming, my tantrums, my jealousy
for attending to my tonsils, my allergies, and my teeth
for letting me stay home when I was sick and giving me toast & 7-up
for letting me be myself and showing me your strength and pride in yourself
for finding me the perfect guy to give my homemade father's day cards to.

Thank you
Happy Mother's Day

I'd love to hear your favorite memories, stories of your mom.

Now it's time to think - Forth of July?

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