Sep 9, 2008

My First Post

It's September 9th, Hello World.
Well, I thought I'd start my own blog - email me if you've discovered anything interesting, something you want to tell the world and I'll post it. This blog is designer focused but what the heck we can all use a good laugh or some great inspiration - so let us know! :<)

Not much to say today. GREAT fantasy football weekend - Flying Giants #1 - well almost tied with Missionaries - none other than hubby, Mr. Keller. But don't worry - he's goin' DOWN!!!

Crazy day today - lots of buyers searching 4 Christmas pic outfits...OY! Hello September. Still have to get my ebay Halloween costumes set up.

- at auction, started at .01 - still low!

Latest Creations

Well here are my latest creations...lot's of fun! Made from Moda's Chick or Treat line - my first creation using a Jelly Roll - Way Cool! kinda like putting a puzzle together.

What's a Jelly Roll you say...............look below :<)

Funny Auction
Found this today in one of my many on-line groups. Made me laugh...For all you vindictive women - or men, here is some food for thought...on what to do as your taking that last walk out the castle door... lol...

A fellow seller from my Coast to Coast Designer's group made this - how cute!!! Alexander would sooo love this...

Here's her listing..

Found this in the Boutique Custom Minnie Mall - Ebay designer's minnie mall - search BCMM

The auction

The Mall

Hope to improve this blog soon - add music and what not - enjoy and share your fun stuff and I'll add it. :<)

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