Jan 11, 2009

Minnie Twirls, Crayon Cookies & Cherry Pies

Yesterday...Gloomy Sunday
We hung out in our pajamas...all day. Alexander said, "it was fun wearing my pajamas all day - lol." Watched some football, played more guitar hero, played a hand of 5 card draw to determine who would do dishes - I told them I didn't want to play! Aidan & I did dishes - luckily Doug cooked on the barbie as I cooked Saturday. :<) My playoff Fantasy Football team was not doing well. -UPDATE - moved up to second in points -not bad...but DH is in the lead. (:<( we can't let him win! lol) ...What an underdog weekend!

Listed two new sets. :<)

They were fun to make.

YCMT Quilt Project - steps 2 & 3
Now that you have 64 squares cut you need to take 4 and make these:
This is step 2, step 3 is - iron each - iron seam toward the darker fabric - if you have a darker fabric...YCMT pics...
Can't wait to see what we create...

Deanna is offering weekly kid party ideas on her blog - since I have 2 birthdays approaching I will be following. She suggested Crayon Cookies as a party favor http://tentenspot.blogspot.com/2006/07/crayon-cookies.html <-instructions.
Top ten's pics...Doesn't this look fun! I think I will use the silicon valentine tins for my little valentine.

Deanna's pie w/ ice cream pic... sweet.

Deanna's Blog is becoming my favorite blog...She was my first blog that I followed - about a year ago, I was looking for info on an adjustable waist and found a tutorial on her blog - been following her ever sense. Though I just recently started actively following blogs...
She's been making some yummy looking fruit pies and here is where she discovered them:

She used pie crust, cherry pie filling & a leaf cookie cutter - another great idea for a Valentine Party (I think I'll use hearts). The not Martha site also make appetizer pies with the pie crust & some sort of meat/ vegetable filling - cool, reminds me of egg rolls & empanadas! Buenos Dias!

That's about all for today - I need to do some free writing/ exercize writting. Will do so tonight - I have to finish my capri & peasant top sets..

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Deanna said...

Thank you for your sweet words! Made my day! I'm glad somebody is enjoying, because I just got my first sourpuss on there! :)

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