Jan 6, 2009

Happy Thursday
Not much happening today. Finishing up a few projects and preparing for Anthony's B-ball game. Alexander did great last night - he's so aggressive and good at defending the ball and moving forward. Of course he is. He's been manuevering out of my grasp for 6 years now!
GRRR... :<)
Just Listed..

Make it up as you go Quilt -
anyone care to play along? we'll go step by step on putting together some quilt - great for beginners.
They put together a ice cream quilt last summer. It might still be on their site for free. I just watch as I was busy with skirts.
Right now you just need to cut 60 4x4 squares...use any fabric you like...

Oh! Did I happen to mention...
2008 NFL Fantasy Football Champion
of the Wontubemyneighbor League.... :<)!

My phillies kicked the tar out a Mr. Fish - LOL (Good thing to because the rest of my team did diddly squat - ouch! probably the worst I did all season. I'm moving up to "ALL STAR" Status. Wish I could figure out how to show you my trophys!

Brushing Teeth

Clothing Protection Act
Looks like sever media sources are putting together articles on the new Child Safety Law that will affect everyone selling new & used children's items forcing all current items to be tossed out or sold at the consequences of huge legal fines.
LA Times did a story
KSL in Utah will do a story Friday.
Wisconsin is planning a story...
So much Activism from a plethora of Stay at Home Mom's
- Good work ladies!

Yesterday's News
Teen Pregnancy Rates - by State,
Not surprised Nevada's so high. There were 16 Freshman pregnant when I was a Sr. in High School. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090107/ap_on_he_me/med_teen_births
That's about all for today - I have alot of work to do...

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Sarah said...

Hey Angela, thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on your Fantasy Football Championship! I was in a league this year and was number one going into the playoffs...then ended up in third place. I had Drew Brees as my QB, which helped a ton throughout the season! :)

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