Jan 13, 2009

Free Mini Cupcakes at Mini's Cupcakes
Salt Lake City 14 East 800 South!
Woo hoo!
Thank Cupcakes take the Cake for the information. YUMMM
While your at it pick up a "Change your cup size" appliqued cupcake tee - too funny!

Happy Tuesday
- it's garbage day at our house...

Christmas Money$$$

I let the kids spend there christmas $$ at Walmart last night. I wasn't too bad a trip they picked quickly. I will get pics up.

Monks Bag Tutorial
Cute pic & cute bag purlbee!

CPSIA update:
Posted on one of my ebay forums.(Hope it's true!)

Amy Klobuchar sits on the commerce committee,(the ones who review and amend this law) I spoke to her aid, I was not able to speak with her for long but she told me to call her back tomorrow, THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS of excluding clothing!!!She said they have been flooded with e-mails, so keep it up!!!Here is a list of who is on the commitees if your state is listed here, let your voice be heard.

Chairman Daniel K. Inouye (HI) John D. Rockefeller, IV (WV) John F. Kerry (MA) Byron L. Dorgan (ND) Barbara Boxer (CA) Bill Nelson (FL) Maria Cantwell (WA) Frank R. Lautenberg (NJ) Mark Pryor (AR) Thomas Carper (DE) Claire McCaskill (MO) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Ranking Member Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) Ted Stevens (AK) John McCain (AZ) Olympia J. Snowe (ME) Gordon H. Smith (OR) John Ensign (NV) John E. Sununu (NH) Jim DeMint (SC) David Vitter (LA) John Thune (SD) Roger Wicker (MS)

Class Action Law Suit

Interesting! It's come to my attention that a children's boutique in Texas have filled a class action law suit regarding the new CSPIA law with Kushner Lawfirm. I'm not finding more specifics. Comment if you have knowledge of...http://www.kushnerlawfirm.com/a/p12/More-Announcements

Deanna's Birthday Ideas

Today she's offering tips on parties for a 13 year old! Funny that today is the 13th - lol. A 13 yo is coming to my house in 3 1/2 months - ahhhhhh!!!!! lol Hmmm...if he had any friends....he could have a disco, or - tye dye party (he might actually go for that one). I think Alexander might light a tye dye party....As long as they came in tye dye and we didn't' do it here! lol

My Valentine Pies
I made Deanna's filled pies last night for mom's night out. Cut out hearts of pie dough & filled with cherry pie filling - had a couple apple too. I think the cherry tasted better. They were a hit at mom's night out! Try them, you'll like them...try them, you'll see :<) Dr. Suess would agree...sorry I didn't get pics but we bought two packages of the rolled pillsbury pie dough - 2 to a box. So we'll be making more as I only left 3 cherry for the kids to sample and Anthony was salavating for apple.

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