Jan 13, 2009

Wacky Wednesday


I found this link on Facebook from another Etsy seller whose all about helping other sellers get noticed on Etsy. Sounds like a good person to listen to. :<) Tim is offering a class on selling on-line January 26th check it out at http://handmadeology.blogspot.com/

Brought to you by Timothy Adam. Timothy Adam is a self taught metal artist who makes a living selling online. He is also dedicated to helping others achieve their goal of successfully selling their handmade goods online.

Follow Handmadeology:

Tim also has a blog page that recommends fixes to being lost in the numbers on Etsy. He makes recommendations in three areas: pictures, tags & self promotion... :<) Read more here:

Hmm...let me try a little self promotion....
Remember to check out my twirl sets at http://www.amievoltaire.etsy.com

More on the CPSIA Lawsuit
There is a group of WAHM who are getting together and gathering momentum for a lawsuit. Here is the info and the link to go for it


An interesting comment writen by The Gathering Stitch :

...sounds like that attorney has some foundation! he is referencing an act that went into affect in 1980...here is the key legal point...

Whenever an agency is required by section 553 of this title, or any other law, to publish general notice of proposed rulemaking for any proposed rule, or publishes a notice of proposed rulemaking for an interpretative rule involving the internal revenue laws of the United States, the agency shall prepare and make available for public comment an initial regulatory flexibility analysis. Such analysis shall describe the impact of the proposed rule on small entities.

That attorney is saying that it is "unconstitutionally overbroad and vague, and disregards the significant and disastrous impact on small and medium businesses as Section 605 of the Regulatory Flexibility Act requiresâ

New Children's Boutique
Adorable items http://www.styledbabydesigns.com/

Another interesting site:
an inspiration woman giveing Stay-at-Home Mom's
opportunities to share their voices.

Rootbeer Cake - YUM
I've Found Aidan's B'day cake!
I think I'll make a bear cake and it can be Rootbear Cake :<) This recipe is quoted from: HUB UK


1 box white cake mix
Root Beer instead of the liquid called for on box

Butter Cream Frosting:

2 Tblsp. flour 1/2 cup milk 1/4 lb. butter 1/2 cup sugar Speck of salt 1/2 tsp root beer extract

Make up the cake mix as per the instructions on the box substituting Root Beer for the liquid in the instructions.
Bake in a 9 x 13 pan or two 8 or 9 inch round cake pans until done.
Butter Cream Frosting:
Mix flour with milk. Cook over low flame until thickened. Let cool.
Cream butter and sugar. Beat with mixer for 4 - 5 minutes.
Add cooled paste and add root beer extract.
Beat another 5 - 6 minutes. The long beating is what makes this so fluffy.
Serves 6

Banning Children's Books now? http://blog.christyscreations.com/?p=806

Not because of their literal content but due to lead....when will this end. Who passed this law? I want them on CBS in front of a fireing squad - I mean - string of reporters to be drilled! What were they thinking....?

Vagina Monologues... http://www.thamesvalleymums.com/2009/01/private-parts.html

Luckily I have 3 boys & my daughter is beyond any point of me needing to refer to...
But as I woman, I can relate and am still at a loss for how to refer to... when necessary, disregarding crass terms. OY

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