Jan 20, 2009

Inaugerating Bailey's & Twitter

Happy Inaugeration Day

Notice the above photos? They are a sample of my latest treasury - Pop Garden. Enjoy!

Please sign this CPSIA petition to the president. http://www.petitiononline.com/09ammend/petition.html

I've been reading up a bit on the history of Inaugerations in our country. Fascinating to know that they use to occur in...April, Well March - huh?

Our first president wasn't inaugerated until March. Makes sense though - imagine living in Georgia and not knowing you had a president or having the opportunity to challenge the election. Which is what it would have been like if the president became president at the time of election - back in the 1700's. But of course these days we actually follow the votes state by state and can get as up to the minute as possible with Tv, Radio, palmpiolets and now the internet...FDR decided we just didn't need the time in his 1st term and become the 1st president inaugerated in January. Or so Yahoo claims!

Here are some fun cupcakes discovered by cupcakestakethecake to set the mood!


Here is a video on the latest Fad explaining why to do it.



Enter for a chance to win a Quilt Kit

Hot Tutorial Spots

Yummy Bailey's Recipes...

Found this cupcake picture and decided I needed a recipe - figured I'd post all my results!

Don't over indulge :<)

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