Sep 2, 2009

 Busy Moms 
2nd Annual Marketing Blitz
My Busy Mom's Etsy Seller's Group is gearing up for the Holidays by sharing member shops throughout September and October.  Watch for deals and spectacular items.Our Feature for September 2nd & 3rd is E's Things please enjoy reading bout below.
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Today's Busy Mom's Feature:

EsThings makes jewelry, Christmas Ornaments, and Tie Dyes T-shirts. She is a full time working mother who likes to share her experience with life's variety through her jewelry. She takes everyday experiences and turn them into beautiful art to wear.

She writes, " I got tired of buying jewelry that I “kinda” liked and wanted jewelry I “really” liked. My daughter and I went to the store and I started putting beads, chains, tools, cloth, rope, etc. into the basket and so began the fun."

Visit E's Things

Enjoy your Wednesday!


EsThings said...

Thanks for bumping this for me!!

bijouxdesignsforyou said...

Great picks. Those are also two of my own fav's.

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