Jul 24, 2011

According to "The One-Minute Writer" we have 1,440 minutes a day and we should use one of them to write....Here is mine...

The Prompt:
  • Long day of harvesting and preparing for the market. Kat's dad is coming with me to the market tomorrow, which I believe is a first for him. Should be fun.
My Response
  • The market, they are farmers, what is the market really for. Lots of crafters hold a booth, wonder what the farmer's think. Did they begin this trend? Who is Kat and why does she want to take her father to the market? shop, sell, I love going to the market? What are they going to do at the market? I've ONly browsed the market with Marge, she is such a conundrum, a cross between city and farm girl - how bizarre hmm my first time at the market - was it when she bought the pie - why did I like it? Seemed so European, so eclectic not so Farmerish...but oh so farmerish - kinda weird. Is my European yearning really a yearning for American Farming roots. Kinda weird, items, garments we call "Euro" style and pay out the nose for (skirts in particular) that are so modern and "city" popular is patchwork of old, which is classic American culture, "low" or "common" culture ...patchwork quilts, patched up clothes recycling, a practice of the impoverished done to extend the life of a cloth....kinda weird....

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