Jan 17, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow 2010!

Back in the 1980, 3rd Grade when Mrs. Mochetti, the young, asked us to write about what are life would be like in 10 years 1990 seemed so far away and 2000 inconceivable to me yet we've passed the 9 single digits of the 21st century and arrived at 2010. I'm still flabbergasted and not sure why.

My goal for 2009 was to build up my Etsy store and to write a little on my blog each day. Well I focused heavily on advertising my Etsy store and am please with my success. In less than a year of more intense promotions I have welcomed a fair amount of return customers and am building a profitable relationship with a nice Louisiana Boutique who is buying wholesale from me. I'm pleased with my stores growth but realize the success did occur at the expense of my daily writing goal.

So my question for 2010 is how can I achieve that daily writing goal while continuing to improve my store's success and given my children's needs for my attention. To begin I'm going to take baby steps and start with 1 day a month for two Months - Sunday and see how that works. On March 7th I will work up to Two days a week and go from there.

Now, what have I been doing lately. I moved my 7 year old from a heavily funded public school to a technology focus charter school. The opportunity arose in December and with a little hesitation I jumped. My son fought a bit the first week. He clearly misses his friends and teacher. Let me add that his teacher will be leaving for maternity leave for the rest of the year beginning in February so he would have experience some upheaval next month anyway. Mr. "I refuse to be happy about this situation," has tried hard not to show his enjoyment of this school but I know the school is making his education more interesting. We'll see what the future holds.

Have a great week! Angela


Sygnet Creations said...

sounds like a wonderful start. I am sure the one day a week post will be wonderful and I can't wait to read more! Oh and congrats on the school change I am sure it was hard on both of you but as you mentioned it sounds like the right choice!


maryb said...

I am in the same boat trying to up my # of posting days! I like the small goals ideas.
The other thing I think can work is sort of drafting out 2 posts at a time, publishing one and then going back to finalize the 2nd later in the week.

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