Mar 10, 2009

Happy March!
We've had typical March weather here. Sunday playing baseball in the park with the kids Monday stareing out the back door with a cup of hot cocoa watching the snow coat the grass.. sigh...spring is soon to come...
Have you heard? Etsy's working on their search system - hurrah!
Etsy Search Read about it here.
New Search Changes on Etsy!

Here’s the official scoop from the Etsy techies…Today, we (etsy tech guys) rolled out some small improvements to the search experience on Etsy. In addition to explaining these improvements, we want to share with you more about our approach to improving Etsy’s search function. Improving search on Etsy is an ongoing, collaborative effort involving the entire Etsy community.

First, what’s launching today?

* Search dropdown menu choice has been made persistent. Previously, when performing a search under Vintage for example, the search dropdown menu would switch back to Handmade after clicking to view an item in the search results. Your dropdown menu choice is now persistent when searching under Handmade, Vintage, Supplies or All Items—until you change it. We’ve also made it easier to return to your search results from an item listing page—just look for the “Search Results” link in the breadcrumb navigation below the Etsy logo.* Search result sort order has been made persistent. Similarly, if you like to sort search results by price for example, Etsy will remember your preference and allow you to keep sorting search results the way you want to for the length of your session on, until you decide to change it (or open a new browser window and start a new session). This is another small way to help make Etsy more searcher friendly.* A price filter has been added to search results for Materials. You can now set a price range for search results under Materials—look for the price filter under Search Tools on the right.
Here are more patterns and e-instructions that I've found:
fabric lamp shade, gift bag clock & more:
Doll Clothes Patterns
Hey! How about some Chicken Spaghetti? Check it out and enjoy! :<)
How to promote your business on twitter...
great info..
That all for today I've been busy with orders and I'm almost caught up! Hurray!

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