Feb 3, 2009

February 3rd
Happy Birthday Aidan - 4! We're trying out that Rootbeer cake I blogged about. I'll let you know how it goes over. Anthony has his first playoff baskettball game. Then we might head to Chucky Cheese - our's isn't too bad. Boises was awful, last time we were there. Then home for Rootbeer cake and icecream. :<) - oh and presents. Aidan woke up today, I sang Happy Birthday to him - my mother use to do that - except she woke me up at the time I was born - which was too early in the summertime in Elko! Anyway, I sang and he wanted to look on the computer where Santa was. I tried to explain he wasn't coming today - not sure I got through. lol

If you haven't heard the CPSIA law is stayed until 2010. Phew a few more months of business. This means we don't have to test for now but we still need to use low lead, lead free products.

I'll be listing lead free supply links as I find them.

Lead Free Supplies
http://thesnapstore .com/catalog

Michael Miller

I found this out about fabric:
"WE STILL HAVE WORK TO DO... We have to lobby for component testing. So that we don't face lead testing ourselves but that we can continue to use the manufacturer' s testing as our own. We also need to lobby for the exclusion of cotton fabrics entirely from this requirement. A week from yesterday, the committee heard testimony from an expert in the history of fabric. This professor from the University of NC, also has a unique hobby of collecting recipes for dyes. The committee heard that lead has not been used in dye since colonial times. This witness explained how centuries ago textile manufactures and homemaker's knew lead in the dye caused the colors to fade too quickly. It is imperative we use this YEAR to battle on for our cause. We can not become voiceless again because we only have a year until the law is effective as it is written. Amendments must be made or we will be right back where we were yesterday... up the creek without a paddle."

---not sure who the author was. But good information. Thank you.

It's been a busy few weeks. Valentine sets flying out of my store www.amievoltaire.etsy.com.

More updates coming soon.

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